Boost Evo™ “Beer Me” Glass Attachment Clear

Boost Evo™ “Beer Me” Glass Attachment Clear


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The Boost Evo™ “Beer Me” Glass Attachment elevates the aesthetic and functionality of the Dr.Dabber Boost Evo™. Handblown by our artisan blower, iDab Glass in California, these borosilicate glass attachments make for a sturdy design without sacrificing performance.

Each piece has a 3-hole percolator to cool your concentrates without disrupting the water too much. Featuring a non-restricted pull, you can draw on this one dramatically and the natural taper of the bottle acts as a splash guard.

The “Beer Me” Attachment has a wider mouthpiece for those who like to kick clouds. Enjoy a simple, elegant design that is highly functional and inspired by one of the most recognizable glass silhouettes. Beautiful mandalas are etched on the front of every piece, with unique smokers musings on the back. Available in a variety of colors, you’re sure to find one that complements your style.

Hand-blown in the USA by our artisan blower, iDab Glass, the Boost Evo™ “Beer Me” Glass Attachment is the perfect accessory for the Boost Evo™–available in Blue, Green, and Purple.