Adult Vending Machine
Investment Opportunities

2024 Adult Vending Machine Investment Opportunities

Thank you so much for you interest in the brand new QBR adult vending machines featuring Snoop Dogg’s official line of cannabis products. We are excited to further explain the venture in detail along with addressing frequently asked questions and concerns. To begin QBR is a federally legal cannabis company operating under the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act (commonly referred to as Farm Bill 18). All products created and sold by QBR are compliant with these laws and have COA’s (Certificate of Analysis) verifying that the product has been tested by a third party nationally recognized facility and tests under the federal legality of less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC defining all products sold in the machine as either cannabis or hemp, not marijuana which is still federally illegal. We are blessed to be at the forefront of this new exciting industry and are proud to be providing the highest quality of fully legal cannabis products across the US. Listed below are the current opportunities QBR has available for you to turn our ideas into your newest most lucrative form of passive income into 2024 & beyond!

Leasing Options:

As we all know not everyone has the time to stop whatever they are doing to change jobs/careers to get into this new booming industry. For those that are wanting to get involved in the space without committing all of their time and energy the leasing option for the adult vending machine tends to be the most appealing. Leasing a machine puts all of the work on our shoulders as QBR is responsible for the placing, stocking, management, and overall operations of the machine. The investor simply sits back and collects 50% of the net profits over the agreed upon time period. With 2 and 3 year options along with a machine buyout clause at the end of the lease we give you the opportunity to get as involved as you are comfortable with. Below are the leasing options:

We also offer discounts for those wanting to acquire more than one machine. At the end of the agreed upon lease the investor will be given the opportunity to buy the machine outright and take over management of said machine for the full 100% or allowed to buy back in to another lease at 50% net profit for the agreed upon number.

Ownership opportunities:

For those who want to seize the day and get more involved we also have the opportunity to fully own outright one of our vending machines. For the price listed below you take full control of one of our vending machines along with the full 100% profits created by the machine. We also offer discounts for those wanting to purchase more than one machine at a time. The main clause that comes with ownership is that the only products placed inside the machine will be QBR and QBR approved brands such as the Snoop Dogg products. We also offer white label options if you would like to take our products and put your brand on them instead of QBR or Snoop. The main focus being that the quality standard set by QBR continues no matter what brand is in the machines. For ownership we recommend budgeting an addition $2-3k to purchase the products necessary to stock the machine.

We are beyond excited to be able to bring you on board and hold your hand on the path to success and skip the annoying growing pains and unforeseen obstacles that come with navigating a new and unknown space. The federally legal cannabis industry is still in its infantile stages and getting on board now is the equivalent of getting into the alcohol industry right after prohibition, only instead you get to sell products that help people live a better quality of life through the plant we all know and love!

Monthly Software Lease:

Regardless of if you own or lease a machine there is a $299/month per machine fee associated with the ID checking portion of the machine. As of right now we are unable to avoid this fee regardless of lease or ownership but in the future are striving to create new options that will hopefully one day take it away. The fee is paid from the money made by the machine and does not constitute any additional capital necessary from the investor. For perspective if the machine is operating in a 24 hour location you are paying it about $0.30/hour for the month which is better than any hourly rate you would pay an employee.

Frequently Asked Questions:

With this being as brand new as it is we are constantly asked questions and concerns brought to us by investors. We will be addressing the most common ones that we are asked below but are also available to answer any that may arise directly to any potential client.

What possible liability am I taking on by leasing or owning a machine?
QBR assumes all liability when it comes to the machines. Those who choose to own the machine you are operating as contractor under the QBR name but we do recommend an additional liability insurance policy to be taken out by the owner. All leases are covered under QBR’s own insurance policies. We are here to guide you on the path to success.

How does the ID checking work and couldn’t a minor simply steal his parent or guardians ID/credit card to gain access to the machine?
The intellicheck software that we lease requires the customer to have a smart phone along with their ID and credit card. After the product is selected a QR code is generated that is scanned with the smart phone that starts the process. The customer scans the back of their ID, front of their ID, then they have to take a biometric selfie with said smart phone to determine the person trying to make the purchase is who they say they are.

What do we offer the locations where we are wanting to place the machines?
We have two options one being a guaranteed flat number to lease the space where the machine will be, or we offer the location a percentage of the net profits of the machine so the location knows they are invested in the success of the machine just as much as we are. Specifically in the lease if the machine is not hitting the numbers we want we are just as motivated to make sure it does well as we have thousands of dollars worth of product tied up into the machine.

Can we change locations during the lease?
Absolutely! We only do 30-90 day contracts with the locations to begin with specifically to not commit to somewhere that isn’t going to generate the numbers we want. With the quality of product QBR is known for the only reason the machine wouldn’t be hitting the numbers we want is because it is not in the right place.

Am I allowed to upgrade to the new versions of the machines as they are brought to concept and market?
Absolutely! As this is such a brand new space we want our clients to be aware that there are going to be constant upgrades happening over the next few years. We are going to be launching an app that goes along with the machines in 2024 to add profiles, easier ID verification, and constant technological advances to improve the way the machines work and operate. We have already brough the v1 & v2 machines to market with 3 more models expected to be released in 2024.

Will I be allowed to check in on the monthly progress of my machine?
Yes! Every investor will be given full transparency to the POS/monthly sales reports generated by the machine. With fully automated inventory control and point of sales the machines make the numbers easy to read and transparent to all parties involved.

What if something happens to where the laws change and we are no longer allowed to sell the types of products that are currently available?
Then we still have a vending machine capable of selling anything and everything from regular to adult restricted products. QBR is in the vending space, regardless of what is being sold inside of them. But as of right now the laws will not be changing anytime soon.

Can I go in on a machine with a partner if I do not have the full capital for the available options?
We welcome anyone and everyone to get involved in whatever capacity they want to be. Even if you pool your money with a group of people we are able to work with all walks of life to be able to get them in the door for this new and exciting industry.